NK Portable Crushing Plant

Based on over 30 years' experiences in design, production and service of crushing and screening machines, SBM have developed the NK Series Portable Crushing Plant with higher efficiency. Equipped with high-quality crushers, NK can keep running much more stably and reach a higher capacity. The compact and modular trailer requires a smaller area for installation. Moreover, we have adopted the adjustable supporting legs, built-in belt conveyors and integrated electric control system to reach two targets, that is, easier setup and faster transportation.

Product Features: One equipment equals one production line. cost-effective choice & wide applications

Input Size: 0-750 mm
Capacity: 100-500t/h
Applicable Material: granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, iron ore, copper ore, mine waste, construction waste, etc.


Modular Design

The NK Portable Crushing Plant offers a capacity range of 100-500t/h for aggregate production, encompassing over 30 distinct models. Employing a comprehensive modular design, it allows for convenient interchangeability of various components. Swift assembly of different models minimizes production time, effectively addressing users' demands for prompt delivery.

High-performance Equipment

With a focus on maximizing productivity and ensuring trouble-free operation, the NK Portable Crushing Plant carefully selects high-performance machinery. This choice extends operational hours and enhances the quality of end products, ultimately generating greater profitability for our customers.

Robust and Compact Structure

The NK Portable Crushing Plants feature an ingeniously streamlined design and simplified infrastructure. The framework incorporates straight girder steel, enhancing overall strength, equipment reliability, and production efficiency.

Concrete-Free Foundation Installation

To align with the concept of a concrete-free foundation, the portable crushing plant body has been engineered for optimal stability. Equipped with adjustable or hydraulic legs, the chassis can be easily adjusted. This design allows for direct installation on solid surfaces, enabling rapid access to operational mode without the necessity for extensive groundwork or foundation installation.

Integrated Design

All parts are vehicle-mounted and equipped with the hydraulic adjustment system. There is no need to dismantle parts for transportation, which is convenient for on-site installation. Vehicle-mounted belt conveyors also facilitate flexible installation and movement. No need for cranes and erecting belt conveyors, which can quickly finish production and transition.

Intelligent Control

The NK Portable Crushing Plant incorporates an integrated automated control system, complete with a user-friendly PLC control system featuring a touch screen interface. This empowers users to operate and maintain the equipment with enhanced reliability, intelligence, and precision. SBM's solutions not only bolster productivity but also minimize instances of malfunction.


Working Principle

Typically, the portable crushing plant is externally powered. Uniformly, the raw materials are conveyed to the jaw crusher or impact crusher via the vibrating feeder for initial coarse crushing. Subsequently, the coarsely crushed materials are further processed by the cone crusher or impact crusher through the belt conveyor. Following this, the finely crushed materials undergo screening on the vibrating screen. Materials that meet size criteria are designated as finished products, while those falling short are redirected to the impact crusher or cone crusher for reprocessing, thus creating a closed circuit with multiple cycles. The granularity of the end products can be tailored to meet user requirements.


Product Album

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The project is located in a solid construction wastes disposal site designated by local government.

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Jaw Crusher - Installation

The jaw crusher is a large crusher installed and receives no-load testing in the manufacturer's workshop. However it is disassembled into components for transport.


Jaw crusher - Lubrication

1. To ensure normal operation and extend service life of the crusher, regular lubrication shall be performed.
2. Grease in the bearing block shall be replaced every 3 to 6 months.


Jaw Crusher - Troubleshooting

1. Movable jaw does not rotate while flywheel is rotating
2. Crushing plate shakes and makes collision noise


Crushing Production Line - Installation

Preparation before foundation concrete placement
1. Set markings for placement thickness control, for example, horizontal standard piles or elevation piles.



Applicable Materials

Pebble, a kind of natural stone, is mainly from the pebble mountain which is raised from ancient riverbed because of the earth's crust movement millions of years ago.


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