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1. Copyright Notice

All the content on --- the website of Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this website") is only for personal not commercial use. For the content involved in the copyright and other ownerships, you should show your respect and store it on its duplicate. If there is no copyright notice of website content, it doesn't stand for that the website has no right for it and abandon the right. Based on the faith principle, you should respect the legal right of content and use the content legally. Any way intending to modify, copy, openly present, publish and spread the content is forbidden, let alone the way of using it for commercial purpose. Besides, any intention of using the content on other websites, media and Internet environment is forbidden. All the content and compilation on this website is protected legally by copyright laws. Any unauthorized use is likely to violate our copyright, trademark and other legal rights. If you don't accept or violate the above conditions, the authorization of using this website is terminated automatically. Meanwhile, you shall immediately delete and destroy all the content you have downloaded and/or printed.

2. Information Issue

Any promises including those having marketability, suitable for specific purpose and observing the intellectual property are excluded from the information issued on this website. Besides, SBM Industry & Technology Group Co., Ltd. doesn't promise the absolute accuracy and completeness of the information on this website. All information including the product introduction, parameters and configuration on would be updated at any time. The content is for reference only and SBM doesn't promise to update it and bears no responsibility.

3. About Materials Users Submit

Except users' personal identification messages, any other materials, messages and contact information you submit to this website are deemed as unclassified and non-private information. And Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. bears no responsibility for it. If there is no special explanation, you behavior of submitting information is considered as agreement or authorization: Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. and its authorizers can use all messages including data, pictures, audio files and texts for commercial and non-commercial purposes by copying, exposing, spreading and combining them. Your use of this website shall not violate laws and regulations and public morality. Besides, any behaviors involved in sending illegal messages including threat, slander, obscenity and pornography are forbidden. If related people give notices or raise objections with concrete evidences to the content and influences of the messages by offering concrete evidences, the notices and objections shall be deleted at any time and be terminated for online browsing, which doesn't need the prior consent of submitters and doesn't need to inform the submitters afterwards. For worse conditions, SBM will not give up taking the measure of cancelling these users.

4. Links to the Third-party Websites

The links to the third-party websites are offered as a kind of convenient service. Clicking these links means you will leave this website Any third-party website has not been checked yet. SBM doesn't control these websites and the content so SBM bears no responsibility for them. If you decide to visit the third-party websites linked with this website, all possible consequences and risks are taken by yourselves.

5. Common Principle

SBM Industry & Technology Group Co., Ltd. may modify these terms and conditions whenever possible. You shall often visit this page for newest terms and conditions for they are closely related with your interests. The articles of these terms and conditions may be replaced by the specific legal notices and conditions on some pages of this website.

6. Any dispute generated because of this notice and using this website is available for The Law of the People's Republic of China.

7. Any dispute generated because of this notice and using this website shall be treated through negotiation. If negotiation doesn't work, it should be submitted to the local court of head office of SBM Industry & Technology Group Co., Ltd..

8. The right to interpret this notice and this website use is owned by SBM Industry & Technology Group Co., Ltd..